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[Recruiting Closed] 114-012: Study to evaluate activity levels, inflammatory markers and overall wellness

Study Recruitment We are looking for women and men to participate in a placebo-controlled clinical study on wellness. If you are generally healthy but struggle with stiffness or range of motion, aged 35-75, and have a BMI below 35 – we’re looking for you!  The study requires participants to consume a […]

[Recruiting Closed] 35-19 Joint Function Study

NIS Labs is looking for healthy men and women, between the ages of 30 and 80, to participate in a clinical trial. Participants need to have chronic joint pain that limits the mobility or range of motion (ROM) of specific joints.  The clinical study evaluates whether joint function can be […]

Waste stream provides functional ingredient for apple producer

NIS Labs has completed a 12-week human clinical trial that measured the effect of AppleActiv powder on joint health, range of motion measures, comfort and inflammation management …  Read more