[Recruiting Closed] 80-02 Immune Study

NIS Labs is looking for healthy adults, 40 years and older of both genders, to participate in a clinical trial assessing the effects of a nutraceutical blend on immune function, in the weeks before and after receiving a flu vaccine.

The study involves consuming either a placebo or a combination of a mushroom extract and a probiotic product daily for 8 weeks. At the 4 week point of the study, participants will be given a flu vaccination. Volunteers will visit  NIS Labs 3 times during the study. During each visit a blood sample will be drawn and questionnaires will be completed.

We are looking for people who have not had the flu vaccine yet, during Fall/Winter 2011.

80-02 Study Timeline
Participants will be compensated for their time.
Participants must reside in Klamath Falls or the surrounding area.
For more information:

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