[Recruiting Closed] 13-08 Vascular Study

NIS Labs is looking for volunteers, age 35-80 years, to be involved in a clinical trial on a nutritional supplement.

13-08 Study Timeline

The study involvement will take place over 4 weeks, where each person comes to the clinic 5 times: At study start (3 visits within the first week), after 2 weeks, and after 4 weeks. Blood draws will be a requirement of participation (green arrows). To become a participant in this study, you must be able to lie down for a minimum of one hour without making large movements or falling asleep. During these sessions talking and interruptions must be kept to a minimum therefore our restrictions are that no cell phone usage be allowed. Initially a pre-screening examination will be conducted by a clinical nurse, and then a more extensive examination will be conducted by a physician. If you wish to participate in this study please call 541- 892-1002.


Participants will be compensated for their time.
Participants must reside in Klamath Falls or the surrounding area.
For more information:

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