Pain reduction and improvement of range of motion after consumption of MonaVie Active, an Acai-rich fruit/berry juice blend.


The objective was to evaluate the impact of consumption of an Acai-rich fruit/berry juice blend on pain and range of motion. An open-label clinical pilot study was performed by recruiting 14 study participants with some limitations in range of motion associated with pain and affecting their activities of daily living.

The study participants were supplied with juice for 12 weeks, and instructed to consume four ounces (120 mL) daily for the duration of the study. The study participants went through a medical exam at study entry and exit, and were assessed by a nurse (structured interview, questionnaires, blood samples), and a chiropractor (range of motion assessment). The pain levels were scored using a visual analogue scale (VAS).  The ROM assessment was performed using dual digital inclinometry, using the J-Tech wireless system as recommended by the American Medical Association guidelines.

Serum testing showed a significant increase in antioxidant activity already after 2 weeks of consumption, using the CAP-e cell-based antioxidant protection assay. A reduction of inflammation was seen as a reduction of C-Reactive Protein (CRP).

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