Improvement of joint range of motion (ROM) and reduction of chronic pain after consumption of an ergothioneine-containing nutritional supplement.


To evaluate anti-inflammatory properties of a nutraceutical blend containing L-ergothioneine in concert with other anti-inflammatory and analgesic ingredients, combined with nutritional cartilage support.


Twelve human subjects were tested over a 6-week period of product consumption followed by a 6-week wash-out period, conducted at NIS Labs during late fall/early winter 2010. Range of motion (ROM) assessment of joint motility was performed using JTECH dual digital inclinometry and included flexion, extension, and rotation through the vertical weight-bearing column (neck, thorax, lumbar, hip, knees) and shoulders. Pain evaluation included questionnaires and Visual Analogues Scales regarding primary and secondary pain complaints at rest and at use.


ROM improvements were seen after 1 week, and further improved at 6 weeks (primary pain area P<0.2, secondary pain area P<0.03). Pain in primary and secondary areas at use was significantly reduced already at 1 week, compared to baseline (P<0.05). Pain reduction for both primary and secondary pain areas during use reached a high level of statistical significance at 6 weeks (P<0.004), and remained highly significant after the 6-week wash-out period.


Pain reduction and improved ROM were observed during the 6-week consumption. Residual effects were seen 6 weeks after stopping consumption of the ergothioneine supplement.

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