Strategic Research Planning

Claims-driven strategic research plans help generate a road map for building a science-based portfolio in step-wise increments, aligned with your desired marketing claims and your overall long-term goals.

The plan presents a step-wise process, where some of the initial steps are rapidly achieved, and all steps tie together into an integrated science portfolio for the product.


The strengths and benefits of following a strategic step-wise research plan are multiple:

  • A pilot clinical study can explore many outcome measures in a small study population, and this can help guide the final design of the following study/studies with more confidence in the chosen outcome measures;
  • A series of studies ensures that the long-term research effort can be fine-tuned at each step;
  • A series of studies will reduce the risk of failure associated with the larger single study;
  • Each step/project may generate stand-alone data of immediate value for marketing, and allow for statements and new data to be shared with the sales team;
  • As projects progress, ongoing review will determine the milestones at which manuscript writing may be initiated on the data generated;
  • The data generated by this plan may reasonably generate multiple peer-reviewed publications;
  • The overall process of a step-wise strategic research plan may be achievable within the same time frame as one larger study, and within a comparable budget;
  • The overall result is that if multiple, parallel studies reach similar conclusions this will provide a much stronger support for your product.