Luminex MagPix for web

Testing human biomarkers using Luminex arrays is a convenient and cost-efficient platform for testing of multiple markers in a single biological sample.

The arrays include pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines, anti-viral peptides, regenerative growth factors, cardiovascular panels, and metabolic hormone panels.

The platform lends itself to multiple applications, including the following examples:

  • Cytokine panels from immune cell cultures in pre-clinical testing of natural products
  • Cytokine panels from immune cell cultures, where an immune challenge is performed on cells from subjects participating in an immune study
  • Growth factors and matrix proteins secreted by tissue cells (such as skin cells) during repair and wound healing
  • Regenerative growth factor panels, including markers such as Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor and Stem Cell Growth Factor
  • Panels of pro- and anti-inflammatory markers from clinical blood samples,
  • Panels of cardiovascular markers, such as C-Reactive Protein and fibrinogen
  • Panels of metabolic hormones such as Leptin, C-peptide and Adiponectin from clinical blood samples

Technical details

  • Protein arrays allow multiplex testing of up to 50 markers in a single biological sample
  • Bead based multiplexing platform capable of performing qualitative and quantitative analysis of proteins and nucleic acids in a variety of samples
  • CCD (charge-coupled device) based imaging cytometer able to multiplex up to 50 targets from a single reaction volume using magnetic microspheres
  • Measures samples (20 – 200 μL) from a variety of 96-well plate formats (flat, round, and v-bottom). An entire plate can be processed in less than one hour
  • Capable of temperature control between 35° – 60° C
  • LED reporter channel excitation of 511 nm and LED classification channel excitation of 621 nm



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