Order a CAP-e Test

To order a CAPe test on your product, download a version of the order form:
Send a completed form along with your samples and a check to:
NIS Labs
1437 Esplanade,
Klamath Falls, Oregon 97601
Please Note: If your product is not hydrophilic (water soluble), please call before sending sample.
Receipt: We will acknowledge receipt of samples by email.
Payment: To arrange payment alternatives or volume pricing please email: tech@nislabs.com or call  877-797-1177 or 541-884-0112
Price: $300.00 per sample.
Timing and Reporting: Reports are normally emailed to you within 10 working days of receipt of the sample at NIS Labs.
Sample Retention: Samples sent for CAP-e testing are retained for 30 days after the report has been sent to the client. If samples are part of a larger research study the retention will be defined in the larger study protocol documents.
For all other inquiries please
email: tech@nislabs.com or call  877-797-1177 or 541-884-0112