Lab Tests

Before Lab Testing Begins

Preparing natural products for lab testing is far from trivial.  In order to test natural compounds in cell culture, the compounds of interest must be able to go into solution in the cell culture medium, and remain soluble at physiological salinity and pH. For non-water soluble compounds, certain solvents may be useful, but many solvents are not applicable to biological assays.  Sometimes, an in vitro digest is performed before testing, to mimic some of the process a natural product goes through after being consumed.

A safe and optimal working dose range must be established in liquid formulation appropriate for cell work before products may be incorporated into cell culture.  It is crucial to ensure that the product is tested at a concentration that is high enough to show an effect, but low enough to avoid problems with culture pH, tonicity, and general cytotoxicity.  Interference from high salt concentrations or the formation of precipitates must be assessed and addressed.


Our laboratory facilities provide evaluation of:

Tests in alphabetical order

30-Plex panel example
Antioxidant capacity
Cardiovascular markers
CAP-e bioassay (cellular antioxidant protection)
Cellular production of prostaglandins, leukotrienes, cytokines
Cellular production of reactive oxygen species (ROS), nitric oxide (NO)
Cytokine regulation
Enzymatic inhibition (COX-2, Lipoxygenase)
Fibrinolytic Testing
Immune cell trafficking/surveillance

Luminex protein arrays
Metabolic hormones
Migration towards bacterial peptides
Mitochondrial function
Natural Killer (NK) and NKT cell activation
Natural Killer (NK) cell activity
Platelet activation
Protection of cellular viability under free radical stress
Protection of mitochondrial function under oxidative stress
Reactive oxygen burst, ROS formation
Reduced cellular recruitment to allergy-related peptides
Reduced cellular recruitment to sites of inflammation
Reduction of free radical formation by inflammatory cells
Regenerative growth factors
Secretion of anti-vital peptides
Stem cell mobilization
Vascular health
Viability versus apoptosis
Weight management