Lab Assays Designed for Natural Products

Cell Based Lab Assays


Living cells are excellent experimental models to demonstrate the mechanisms of action of what happens inside the human body.  Blood samples offer a readily accessible source of multiple types of cells to study specific mechanisms of action for natural products in our lab tests, involving cell culture, flow cytometry, and Luminex testing of biomarkers. 

Pre-Clinical Support

Results from pre-clinical testing serve as a foundation for building a science-based product portfolio, and can help plan study designs for clinical trials on novel products, extracts, and blends.

Clinical Support

In clinical trials, bioassays can be used for evaluation of changes to cellular functions associated with consumption of natural products, where fresh blood samples from subjects are studied ex vivo. Read more about our clinical studies here.

Product Development

The selection of ingredients, the verification of novel extracts, and the validation of blends is driven by marketing claims, and is ideally guided by a sequence of testing and clinical feasibility studies.

QA/QC Uses of Biological Assays

In situations where a claim is associated with a specific function (such as cellular antioxidant protection), lot-to-lot testing can help the QA process, and help assure the key properties continue to meet expected levels.

Foundational Claims Support

Supporting specific marketing claims starts in the laboratory.  For many existing ingredients much knowledge has accumulated and is published in the scientific literature, but for novel products, extracts, and blends, a foundation of scientific data is needed.  Ideally this begins with exploratory lab testing and clinical pilot work and leads to a final goal of data from clinical trials.