Where to Get Brahmi

At NIS Labs, we very much appreciate the support we receive in our community from people who are interested in participating in our studies.

Our studies help document health effects of natural products and involve herbal products, juices, teas, vitamins and other types of nutritional products.  Many of our studies generate data that is published in the medical literature, to help guide consumers and health professionals on the health benefits of natural products.

Studies may last from 2 to 12 weeks, with some studies being longer. Studies may involve:

  • Regular (weekly, monthly, other) visits to NIS Labs
  • Answering questionnaires
  • Providing a blood sample
  • Consuming a test product (active product) or a placebo (inactive product) daily

Some studies also involve keeping a diary of what you eat, or online tracking of sleep, pain, and other health-related questions.

We compensate you for your time after you have completed the study requirements.

If you are interested in talking with us about participating in our studies, give us a call and schedule a time for an intake questionnaire. An intake may take up to 30 minutes, where we ask questions about your current health, diet, lifestyle, and family health history. Based on your current health information, we determine whether we can fit you into our ongoing or upcoming studies.

To participate in a current study click here.

To see a list of some past studies click here.

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