Industry Services

We provide integrated services to allow a seamless progression from invention, documentation via lab assay and clinical trials, and publication.

We are clinical trial and lab test specialists for the natural products industry. We specialize in pre-clinical testing and clinical trials as part of an overall strategic research plan.  We encourage sequential publishing of peer-reviewed manuscripts as data is generated from in vitro bioassays and clinical studies, to help build a strong science-based product portfolio.

Integrated Services

Core Strengths

Our facility allows us to take blood samples straight from the clinic rooms to our immune/cell biology laboratory, and immediately process the blood samples for functional testing.  This is important for the quality of data on cellular function and activation status.

In situations where a study specifically evaluates cell numbers and function, shipping blood samples to an off-site lab is not ideal.  Shipping to an off-site lab may generate misleading data due to the short-lived polymorphonuclear cells, which upon undergoing apoptosis in the blood vials during shipment may release free radicals. These free radicals can trigger stress in the lymphocyte and monocyte populations prior to arrival of the vials at the off-site lab.  This would confound the interpretation of what changes happened in the body while consuming the product with changes that happened in the vial during shipment.

Our facility is therefore ideal for clinical studies on immune function, inflammation, stem cell biology, oxidative stress, mitochondrial function, and other topics involving phenotypic and functional testing of living cells from the subjects.