Clinical Trials Facility


Our clinical services include:

  • Screening and recruitment of study participants,
  • Study management,
  • Phlebotomy,
  • Processing of blood samples for functional bio-assays in our laboratory facility,
  • Banking of biological material,
  • Standard and study-specific questionnaires,
  • Data management/audit,
  • Retaining of test materials according to FDA guidelines,
  • Reporting.

Our clinical services integrate directly with our laboratory facility for testing of cellular, immune, and inflammation-related outcomes.  This allows control of sample handling from blood draw to bioassay.  In addition to our special set-up for studies on immune effects and inflammation regulation, our clinic is equipped with a full-body DEXA scanner for body composition (fat/lean mass), laser Doppler for microvascular blood perfusion, and digital inclinometry for measurement of joint range of motion.

Our core clinical capacity includes:

  • Designing study-specific protocols, tailored to the function of the test product,
  • Recruiting from a representative North American study population,
  • Providing a comfortable and controlled clinical study environment,
  • Personable interaction with study participants (compliance),
  • Full cross-training of staff to ensure proper adherence to study-specific protocol needs.