About Us

NIS Labs (Natural Immune Systems) was founded in 1999 by Gitte Jensen.

Gitte Jensen | Director of Research

Her academic background is in cancer research, with a special focus on immune surveillance and systems biology.  Her appointments at University of Aarhus, University of Alberta, and McGill University – along with a strong interest in natural products, nutrition, herbal and complementary medicine – provided a unique bridge for serving traditional medicine as well as novel developments in the natural products industry with mainstream research tools.

Having directed an immunology research and teaching lab for the previous 7 years, the focus of the new company was immunology.

Over the years we have maintained that core capacity by continuously upgrading our in-house immunology lab facilities, as well as expanding into other areas of human physiology based on evolving industry needs.

NIS Labs
NIS Labs

At NIS Labs, we offer customized protocols designed to support the marketing claims of natural products.  We also offer an array of standardized tests, including assays to determine antioxidant capacity and anti-inflammatory effects.

We very much appreciate the support we receive in our community from people who are interested in participating in our clinical studies.

We work with an international client base, testing natural products from across the world, and maintain an active profile in the peer-reviewed scientific literature.

We continue to take a leading edge with bioassay development, specifically targeted to the study of natural products.